quilt monday

Earlier this year, I quilted a quilt for a client and got the idea to make quilts for our friends children that were graduated. I asked the students back in February what their favorite colours were and went from there.
This was the first quilt I finished. His favorite colour is teal and orange.

I absolutely love the 3D effect that this quilt has. And the fabrics??

I absolutely love(LOVE!!) this print.

I quilted Square Dance. I love the squares on the rectangles.

Now to get the last one finished!

2 love it too:

Doreen said...

The "Shadowbox" piecing is one of my favorites, too. I've snatched and used the idea for outer areas of medallion quilts with wonderful results. Seems like everyone is mesmerized with that 3D effect! The color combo is stunning!

Zanymouse said...

Gorgeous quilt!

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