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My plan for taking most of the summer off has not happened. Saying that, we did have a great two weeks to the Grand Canyon and we go away again next week for Boy2s grad trip. To get to take all this time off, I've been working what seems like double time in the studio. And with beauties like these, I don't mind.

How about this gorgeous quilt by Nancy?

quilted with SeaSide

I love how such a simple quilt pattern can be so striking.

This fabulous MineCraft quilt by Helen.

quilted with a meander

At 15 and 13, my boys both want one lol.

This absolutely stunning wedding quilt by Irene.

quilted with Fliratious

The pictures don't show it, but most of the fabrics had sparkle in them. I loved this quilt!

A Christmas one by Anne.

quilted with Fliratious

Such a great Christmas line.

This lovely batik quilt by Delinda.

quilted with Bayside

Thanks for keeping me out of trouble ladies! ;)

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