good times

This has been an interesting week. Tuesday night, Boy4 as injured; as in a concussion, broken left arm and a sprained right wrist. Good times eh? Now we have two weeks of him on zero activity before he gets clearance on the concussion and has his arm xrayed again. Did I mention he's left handed? Good times, good times.

Before all the fun and games, I was able to finish off my jelly roll star.

Sadly, I do not love this quilt. I regret the colours I used and struggled with finishing this. I lamed out and did nothing special with the borders and just continued with the background.

I will probably make it again. I would love one in a two colour quilt. For now, I need to figure out how to quilt this and what to do with it.


  1. So sorry to read about the young man injuries. A character building experience at the very least for everyone, hmm?

    As for the beautiful quilt, such refreshing colors will seem even more refreshing when the warm/hot weather is upon us. I can see it finished off simply with a blue or green or combination of both for the binding. Nice quilting, but not overdone. Relaxed for spring/summer, y'know.

    I hope the young man recuperates thoroughly and quickly.


  2. I think the quilt is beautiful! Sorry about your son's injuries. Hopefully the time will go quickly

  3. Oh my - I hope he recovers quickly. Poor guy!
    The quilt is beautiful, maybe use it as a present? It wouldn't be bad to be one down on your Christmas sewing list already :-)


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