quilt monday

 My cousin had a pretty big birthday this year. I didn't have to think long about making her a quilt. Especially when I saw this quilt by Elizabeth Hartman 

Sleepy Sloths

How cute are they?? 

I love the panto I used, GroundCover.

The sloth bodies are actually linen. 
I've never used it in a quilt before and love how it turned out. 
It gives the sloths more of a realistic texture.

And that pop of olive fabric? 

I've already had 2 requests for repeats of this. 
But first, I might have to make myself one :)

Happy Monday!

quilt monday

 When I first saw the True North fabric line, I knew I needed it.

I knew it would be perfect for inside our trailer and I had to have it.

We've been camping the past two weeks. I planned on getting a few artistic quilt pics taken. It was fun finding places that I felt would work for what I had in mind.

I used one of my favourite fat quarter patterns from the book Happy Hour quilts(if you don't have it, I highly reccomend it. I wore one copy out).
I also did something with this quilt that I rarely ever do, I washed it once I finished it.

With this being a Canada quilt, 
the only appropriate quilting pattern was Maple Syrup.

Crinkled happiness.

Now for something funny. We drove down an old road. I had seen the fence from the main road and knew it would be a perfect place for some pictures. The funny part? I was on the side(sort of ) of one of the major highways here in BC, the Coquihalla.

No quilts, or quilters!, were hurt during this photo shoot :)

Happy Monday!

short and sweet

 I finished the sloths!

They could seriously not be cuter.

Do you like the one slipper look? I lost the other one lol

I also finished this. 

We got a new couch and we have boys lol. 
So I raided my 2.5inch squares and just started sewing.

It turned out pretty perfectly.
 I even used up a bunch of random leftover bindings for the binding, win!

I had a friend tell me that this is her favourite of all the quilts I have ever made. 
I was a little surprised. 
And I may have found my next secret project ;)

quilt monday

 It's finished!

This turned out so much better than I expected!!

quilted with StarDance

I'm not 100% on the panto I chose but too late now.

I don't have the greatest picture of the backing, but I was able to piece together strips of black, grey and red. It worked out perfectly.

The quilt was received with shocked tears; the best kind of reaction.

Onto the next surprise! 
Happy Monday :)

covid quilting

 My longarm clients have kept me busy the past few months. This has been one of my busiest summers probably since I started quilting 14years ago. 

Here's a few finishes.

By Mary,

quilted with a meander

By Shirley,

quilted with WinterWhite

By Valerie

quilted with SpiralRings

This great hockey quilt by Trish

quilted with a meander

So fun!

Pieced by Barb

quilted with Bright n Breezy

This turned out so good!

Pieced by Faye, my first labyrinth quilt!

quilted with Dazzle

Adiena makes the best quilts.

quilted with LotusBlossom

Love it.

Also by Adiena,

quilted with Dragon'sBreath

Time to take a few days off, back at it next week!

quilt monday

 Another quilt I don't think I even showed before it was quilted.

And another chevron quilt; they seem to be my thing lately :)

I made this for our youth pastor and his wife. They knew they were having a girl and they were doing the nursery in neutrals and rose gold.

I like a challenge :)

I think I knocked it out of the park on this one.

Quilted with the perfect little girl panto, Lovely.

The fabrics are so soft and delicate; I adore how this turned out.

I used up the last bit of my favourite baby quilt backing. Sadly, I have no idea when I'll get to head south to get more #covid :(

I kept it simple and used the neutral as binding.
 It just keep the quilt soft.

Happy Monday!


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