sewing all the things

Do you remember the fabric line ShangriLa?
 It is one of  my favouritest fabric lines. I saved a jelly roll and some yardage. Not nearly enough that I should have saved. Note I said saved and not hoarded ;)

I started a quilt about 3yrs ago with this line. I posted about it here. Somewhere alone making the blocks, I made a mistake and the white prints were no longer long enough to continue with the star log cabin blocks. So I got frustrated and shoved it all in a cupboard.

Bring in quarantine and lets sew all the things. The time was now to figure out what to do with this.
The answer was easier than I expected.

I had six finished star blocks and two almost finished. 
I had enough fabric to make up the last two blocks and ta-da.

And with the remaining blocks,

I'm still undecided if I'll add a border to either.
 I might have enough of the cream print. Will have to think about it.

I also started on a Christmas quilt I had planning to have finished for Christmas 2019.

Looks like it will be a go for Christmas 2020.

quilt monday

I ended up taking a week off work without planning on taking a week off work.
 During that week, I got a whack of quilt tops finished and some new quilts started. I wanted to sew all the things!

One of those finished quilts was this one.

This quilt, I loves it.

I actually hadn't planned on this pattern for these fabrics. But I chickened out on the other quilt lol.

I wanted to keep the quilting flowy so I used the panto Popcorn.

I used a fun flannel for the backing and a matching pink for the binding.

This was a very quick pattern to do.
 I'm already thinking of another version in shades of blues

Happy Monday!

quilt monday

I got my Valentine's Day quilt finished up.

I realized I goofed on my fabric when cutting. 
I wanted to reverse the black and grey, too late now.

This quilt went together sooooo quickly. 
You can get the pattern here.

I wanted the quilting simple but also valentiney so I went with a favourite, Folk Heart.

I pieced the backing with some more valentiney pretties.

The black binding is the perfect finishing touch in my opinion.

And it's always good to have a finish!

Happy Monday.

odds and ends

I've debated continuing posting with how crazy our world is currently. But I want to try and keep things as normal as possible, well, as close to normal as possible.

I have gotten quite a bit of quilting done lately.

I got all caught up on my TrueNorth bee blocks.

Made a little runner with some leftover hsts.

And finished a really special not so little something.

What have you finished lately?

quilt monday

Our basketball coach married our french teacher.
 And when they had a baby, I knew I had to make them a quilt.

I wanted to use all stash fabric and
 lucked out with enough fabric to make a baby quilt in our school colours. 

I could not be happier with how this turned out.

I did have a close call. Had the quilt already to quilt and realized that one of my HSTs was turned the wrong way. Caught it right in time!

quilted with Laurie

And that orange binding. The only thing I had to buy. 
I was hoping for a plaid or polka dot but no such luck sadly.


Happy Monday.


I've had a great week and finished off some quilt tops.

Firstly, this Valentine's quilt.

Pattern is With Love by Gigi's Thimble

 Finally finished my True North quilt.
 So excited for this one!

And lastly, finally got my TrueNorthBee quilt together. 

This block goes together so quickly. 
Quickly enough I ended up with almost a queen size quilt lol.

You can find the pattern here.

Now to find time to quilt them!

quilt monday

I had some time and snuck in this snowman quilt for myself.

My favourite part of this is the fact that it's entirely made from my stash. 

I kept the quilting simple and used Mini Snowflake.

Even the backing is stash.
 Even better, there was just enough for this quilt.

I love this print.

There was a hiccup when I was piecing this. 
Originally, I had planned 3 star blocks.

When I went to make more, 
I discovered that I had cut my fabric wrong and was short.

So I got creative and carefully sewed the pieces together to make the last block.
And you can barely tell.

Happy Monday!

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