It's that time again.

 Time to show some client quilts.

 You know the drill, grab a coffee and enjoy!

Let's start off with one by Barb.

quilted with Maple Leaves

A cute baby quilt by Arlana

quilted with Calder

Jeannie did this autism quilt.

quilted with Calder

These next two are by Kelly

quilted with Floral Meander 

Love this one

quilted with Antique Lace 

This butterfly quilt by Maxine

quilted with Popcorn

Also by Maxine

quilted with Swirls 

This cutie by Trish

quilted with Popcorn

Another elephant quilt by Leona

quilted with Angel Wings

This hand appliqued quilt by Karen.

quilted with a meander

Lastly, this amazing quilt by Lorna

quilted with Novaya Zhizn

So pretty!

Thanks for looking!

all the things

 I had a super productive weekend.

I actually made some cards. First time since probably summer this happened. It was so nice to get back to it again.

I made a up a bunch of new FQ bundles. 
You can find them here if you are interested.

And I made this quilt. No pattern, just some of my favourite prints and boom. 
A quilt top.

Hope your weekend was a good one too!

quilt monday

 When I saw this alpaca fabric last spring, I knew I had to order it for the shop.

And when it came in, I knew I absolutely had to make a store sample with it.

quilted with Laurie

How adorable are these prints?

I'll admit, I now regret not buying this colourway 
in the mustard yellow because it is just soooo cute.

I backed it with a woolies flannel which makes it so soft and snuggly. And a complimentary Kona for the binding.

I love the white space this pattern creates as well. 
Really highlights the flying geese.

Seriously, adorable.

Happy Monday

busy bee

 I've been keeping myself busy with some new projects. 

You knew baby quilts would be top of the list lol.

I used Riley Blakes Little Things line. It is adorable. 

A Grand Beach quilt by Blanket Statement.

I made a bundle up inspired by this quilt. 
If you are interested, you can find Rosette here.

And another pattern by the Blanket Statement.
This is a free pattern if you sign up for the newsletters.

Old Market Square quilt.

Shockingly, another baby quilt lol.

And because I haven't shown you the finished version, here is the other Christmas quilt I made. This is the Star Pop quilt by Quilty Love.

Stay tuned!

quilt monday

 I have many years of quilting experience. Many. So imagine my surprise when I had as much trouble with this quilt than I did lol.

But this quilt. 

I had a grunge dots FQ bundle and I had no idea what to do with it. I saw this pattern by Quilty Love and knew it was perfect.

I was originally going to do all the centers the blue from the binding, but it didn't look right so I used my favourite grunge, grey paper.

quilted with Laurie 

I had some leftover blocks so I added them into the backing to give it a little life.

I do love the pop of colour the binding gives the top. 
Even with the riot of colour going on with the blocks.

Happy Monday! 

quilt monday

 It feels a lot longer than 2 months ago it was Christmas. I hadn't planned on making any quilted gifts this year but in mid December, a friend of mine was scheduled for surgery and sadly, it meant she would have to be in hospital over Christmas. I absolutely had to make her a quilt.

I had some leftover layer cake squares from the shop and decided to do one of my favourite fast quilts, Layers of Charm.

I made the quilt longer so it would fit on a hospital bed better. Which worked out with my friend being 6ft tall.

I used one of the prints for the backing and added in some of the extra blocks for fun.

I used one of my favourite Christmas pantos, Holly Ribbon.

It works so well with these prints and doesn't scream Christmas.

I also used the same fabric as the backing for the binding.


I made another Christmas quilt with this line I'll show you next week.

Happy Monday 

playing catch up

 I have so many fun projects to show you; I've been busy! 

But first, let's see some quilts!

Nomi pieced this lovely Irish Chain.

quilted with Novaya Zhizn

Just stunning.

By Pat

quilted with Simplicity 

Pat did this one as well.

quilted with Swift

This fun one by Lora

quilted with Daisy3

Also by Lora

Quilted with a stipple

And also by Lora

quilted with Dazzle

A fun one by Solange

quilted with Apex

Love this one by Eileen

quilted with Lianna's Charm 

By Hugette

quilted with Greenery

By Elizabeth

Quilted with a meander

This super fun one by Melody

quilted with Bear and Moose 

Melody also made this stunner.

quilted with Aztec

Lastly, these beauties by Sharon

quilted with Ebb and Flow

These pineapples!

quilted with a stipple

This Christmas quilt, so stunning.

quilted with Floral Meander 

Until next time :)


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